5 Aspects to Creating A Product People Want to Buy

Creating a product, that’s high in demand and top-selling is something that every entrepreneur strives to achieve, and it’s incredibly difficult to think of a brilliant new thing that people just have to buy.

Especially since we have so many amazing inventions and creations that have recently come to life in the 21st century.

5 Aspects of Creating A Product People Want

Whilst there are many aspects to designing such a product that everybody dies for, I’ve decided to write about 5 generic aspects that should always be thought of when creating a product, that will definitely help towards getting people’s undivided attention.

So what are they? 

1. It Has A Brand-Able Image

A brand that stands out will get a lot more recognition than others. That’s pretty obvious though right and is the same with anything in life. If you stand out, you will be noticed a lot more than someone doing the same thing as everyone else.

If everything about your brand stands out; the name, the logo, the reputation and everything else, then it will attract attention.

The product itself may be absolutely amazing, but if the branding isn’t spot on then it won’t stand out, and you’ll likely find that a competitor with a worse product, but the better-designed brand will be getting more attention, more sales and more profit than you.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way things are.

When it comes to creating a product, all aspects must be considered for you to excel. You’re only as good as your biggest weakness. Check out my other article on how you can create an awesome logo for your company or brand.

2. It’s Needed (Unknowingly)

A lot of amazing companies are building products that people need, but they’re just unaware of it yet. This is very common, and always becomes the ground for hit products.

If you look at when Apple brought out the iPod, this was an excellent example of producing a product that people needed, but they just didn’t know they needed it. And it’s brought Apple huge success.

Sometimes you have more success in telling people what they actually need, rather than listening to what they say they need and creating exactly that.

If you tell them what they actually need, and your product generally is an excellent idea, then they’ll think it’s even better compared to what they would have originally had in mind.

I recently read a great article on HelpScout.net, that talks about “Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Listen to His Customers”. It goes into a lot greater detail on the point I’ve just made. 

3. There’s No Access to Something Similar

Whenever there’s something that people really want access to, but there’s never a company out there that’s already built the thing in a question, then it’s an absolute goldmine if you’re the person who’s able to give them access to it.

You will be the only person out there providing this product, so you would become a monopoly.

Anybody who wanted the product would have to go to you to get it, nobody else would be offering it, so you’d have complete control over the price you’d be willing to sell it for.

It has to be something that people want or need access to though. If you’re creating a product that nobody else is offering, yet nobody actually wants it, then it won’t be a successful launch, will it?

4. It Makes Life Easier

Everybody wants something that’ll make their life easier! It’s the natural process of a human brain to try and find an easier way to do something. Naturally, most people are pretty lazy, even more so now than many years ago.

If you can provide something that will make somebody's life easier, in one way or the other, they will literally bite your handoff. The easier it makes a life for people, the more in demand it’ll be, especially if your targeting a very popular interest.

Apple is a great example of this (Apple’s always a great example), where they’ve created the iPod, which has made life so much easier for music lovers to store and listen to all their music on the go, without having to lug around a huge CD player.

Everybody wants an iPod or has one already. It ticks all the boxes, including an excellent brand, as well as being something people need.

 5. It’s Entertaining for People

This won’t necessarily apply to all good products on the market. It will depend on the type of category your product lies within. But in general, products that are entertaining for people will be popular.

Everybody loves entertainment if your product is likely to be marketed as in an entertaining category; games, music, tech and so on, then make it as entertaining as possible.

 In Conclusion

The best way of finding out exactly what a customer wants in a product is always to look at existing examples. Just look at great and powerful brands and analyze what they’ve done correctly.

Once you can clearly see a pattern such as the above within these brands, you can then begin to apply their principles to your own business.



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