How to Overcome 18 Common Buyer Objections

"But" is probably salespeople's least favorite word -- at least when it comes out of a prospect's mouth. "We really like what you've shown us today, but ... [insert sales objection here]." 

With that single syllable, the rep shifts from offense to defense. The first step they take to begin overcoming this sales objection is crucial to the deal's continued viability. If they hesitate for even a few seconds or present a weak counterpoint, they might as well kiss the business goodbye.

Deftly diffusing a potentially conversation-ending roadblock is one of the hardest parts of a salesperson's job. While specific sales objections vary significantly based on the specific product or service that's being offered, most can be grouped into larger categories: price, timing, disagreement among the stakeholders, etc. Wouldn't it be nice to have a strategy guide that could help you rebut these common doubts?

The wise people at RAIN Group have heard your pleas. The infographic below lists 18 oft-invoked objections, along with suggestions on how a salesperson could overcome them. Forward this to your sales team, and fear the dreaded "but" no more.

Emma Brudner 

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