International Women's Day 2020 - 8 Days 8 Ideas By 8 Mar 20 (Day-5)

How do we end Child Marriages in India?

Gender equality is more than a goal. It is necessary for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development & building good governance. Child marriage threatens  not only a girls' life but hurts the entire community by  contributing to an ongoing cycle of poor health, poverty, and gender discrimination.

Did you know that approx 1/4th of the young women in India were married or in union before their 18th Birthday India’s progress in the past decade has been  one of the strongest among countries in South Asia, however progress needs to be  accelerated.

I invite moonshot ideas for equality challenges for international women day.  Please use #telldrsangitareddy in your posting for me to repost & activate your idea.

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