International Women's Day 2020 - 8 Days 8 Ideas by 8 Mar 20 (Day-4)

How do we reduce the gender wage gap in India?

Gender equality is more than a goal. It is necessary for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development & building good governance. Achieving gender pay equity in the workplace is a critical issue not just for human resources, but for all of us. We need to examine where our economy provides unequal opportunities for women at every point of their education, training and career choices.

Did you know that gender pay difference widens with a higher skill level. The gap touches 20% for skilled women & 30% for highly skilled occupations? Women comprise about half of the working potential, the more women earn, the more fully they can participate in the economy. Full economic participation of women helps nation-building.

I invite moonshot ideas for equality challenges for international women day  Please use #telldrsangitareddy in your posting for me to repost & activate your idea.

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